Saturday, January 16, 2010

Roasted Citrus Duck

2 guys walked into a bar and the 3rd guy......

DUCKed! :)

I made duck for the FIRST time ever and it was knock you out delicious!
pleasepleaseplease try this recipe even if you have never made duck!
I'm just going to tell you what i did and let you make an ingredient list for yourself - :) sorry but this post will look way too long --
i started with a 4.83 pound duckling from whole foods - organic veggie raised, no antibiotics btw! - prehaet oven to 350 degrees - i sprinkled a combination of salt, pepper, garlic pepper, and poultry seasoning in the cavity then stuffed into the cavity : 1/2 an orange cut into about 6 peices, 1/2 an onion (same cut as orange but sperated layers) 4 whole cloves garlic, and about 1/2 to 3/4 cups ofr fresh uncut basil
then i wired the legs shut and poked holes into the skin through the fat layer trying not t o hit the meat then i rubbed the skin with a little oil and soy sauce mix about a teaspoon of each then put the duck into the oven - 20 minutes later i brushed chianti wine over the duck - 20 minutes later i did it again - then for the next 30 minutes i brushed it ever 10 minutes. we noticed the duck wasn't cooked enough - so at this point we turned the oven to 375 and turned the duck over (breast side down) for 15 minutes -then back over for 15 more. the result was PERFECT! i mean melt in your mouth perfect! better than restaurant perfect! we let it rest and then carved = duck can be served rare because it does not contract salmonela like chicken btw -- and even though our duck wasn't rare - some would think this was way undercooked- trust me it is perfect!

i served the duck with garlic mashed potatoes and brown sugar sauteed carrots which was a genius pair with the duck - plate up and enjoy!i have more tips - so if you make this let me know and i'll share what knowledge i have. i really can't believe how awesome this came out for my first time - and it really was easy!

brandon and our friend josh raved about it as well.

it was a really ducking good meal! :)