Monday, February 8, 2010

Poached Egg on Whole Grain Flat Bun

Weigh in: 133.4 :( only a .2 loss - i guess i need to step it up a little.

the weekend did however prove to be difficult - i had too much cheese with Carson on our girl's night, one mixed cocktail (CALORIES!!!) and wine and crackers, and soup.
I did however have a good breakfast both morning, about a 200 calorie intake - one poached egg on top of a whole grain flat bun bread and a little hot rotel and sour cream.

then i had spicy tomato soup and a 2%grilled cheese (on flat bun-no butter) and i had chicken noodle soup for dinner.

sunday was the bad day - carson made lunch her famous "pigs in a blanket" hot dog and cheese baked in a piece of bread. and i had 3 stuffed shells for dinner - 2%ricotta and mozzarrella stuffed jumbo shells covered in a meat sauce. and i had 3 beers for superbowl.

no wonder i only lost .2lbs.