Monday, April 26, 2010

Grilled Pizza

Grilled Pizza - a MUST TRY!!

Get toppings ready - we made a mushroom pizza and a chicken caprese pizza

i bought frozen premade pizza dough - let it thaw for 24 hours and then prepared it - cut into 2 halves, form a ball then pat or roll out on a pizza pan - i found using hands works better than a rolling pin - i could control the shape better - it takes a while for the dough to stretch out, but it does eventually

Brush will EVOO instead of Cornmeal - that way it won't stick to the grill
Place on a grill at about 350 degrees - this is tricky i held teh pizza pan and flipped it over onto the grill then brished that side with evoo

flip dough when the bottom has light grill marks and the crust isn't flimsy anymore
then start topping your pizza
start with sauce

then add cheese and your favorite topping - we made cheese bread with our leftover dough
close lid for about 5 minutes - when the cheese is melty and topping are slightly cooked they are ready

yummy pizza!

Slice Up and ENJOY!!